Freedom and self-actualization through self-expression
Poetry as a rebuttal to common thought
Revitalizing the perception of poetry through boldly expressive material
Showing the seen it, heard it generation that they have not been paying attention
Bringing poetry from the poets to the non-poets

To be a giant screaming YES in an overwhelming sea of kNOw!
To merge poetry into alternative art forms, to bring new attention and merit to it
To act not as a shepherd carrying flame to the darkness, but instead as Joker technician changing the color of all the surrounding lights

To turn/switch you on
To educate others to the level of teachers and evoke the responsibility in others
To challenge our peers and pupils with possibility

To bring unity to the misfits
To challenge the idea of the gifted as being in any way, shape, or form better… everyone is a genius all the time

Out from the library and into the street, an idea knows no wall or boundary!
To seek greater end goal for art than mere catharsis
To recognize that a poem on the page, on a wall, on a light post, spoken in the air all have different ways of achieving their goals and combat them accordingly

To give people reason to step outside of themselves and further into themselves simultaneously
To appear as nothing and everything
To recognize that the poet always takes a backseat to the words
To never let the bastards get you down

Advocate that there is no right way of doing anything only one writer’s way
To always have courage when your soul is on the line

To bring poetry to social media, public restrooms, anywhere and everywhere one might think it should not belong

To make the internet, the largest library imaginable, a playground for the pen
To champion human connection over intellectualism
To know that no writer in history has not sat where you do right now, in front of a page.